Understanding the science of horticulture is essential to having a beautiful landscape and garden. BPM crew leaders are trained in the horticulture and soil science and offer services such as:

​​-Site Analysis and land use planning

​-Soil testing and ph/nutrient balancing

-Organic and natural fertilizing programs 

-Natural/non-toxic pest and insect treatment

-Natural/non-toxic plant disease foliar spray

-Organic and natural weed management 

-Small tree, shrub and fruit tree care ​ 

-Invasive plant identification and removal

Garden Maintenance

Hiring a team of experience and trained enable us to offer unique and specialized services for your home or small estate such as:

 -Native and pollinator gardens 

-Onsite active composting systems

-Soil erosion planting design

-Forest reclaiming, and canopy lifting 

-Native woodland walking paths 

 -Native wildflower meadow gardens

-Cut flower gardens

-Annual/perennial container planters

-Vegetable and culinary gardens

-Medicinal-herb gardens

-Garden face-lifts  for homes on the market!

There is a symbiotic relationship between plants, the soil they live and the ecosystems they interact with. Proper management of these natural systems can help ensure a healthy environment where plants, birds, pollinators and wilderness can thrive, adding  to the liveliness and beautification of your landscape environment. BPM can create a seasonal or year-round maintenance program tailored to your property needs and get your property looking it's best while fostering the natural habitat and beauty of the Berkshires. 

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Plant Health Care 

Landscape design and property maintenance services for your home or estate

Specialty Services 

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